Do guys ever regret leaving? Or hurting the girl after years of loving each other?

I was really close friends with him for two years, we were both in relationships for the first year so nothing was ever mentioned between us. We always had this funny flirty friendship and we had the biggest connection imaginable, we could talk for about 17 hours a day only stopping when we were sleeping. We also helped each other, when we both went through break ups or were having a bad time. And we changed each other just by being around each other, he made me less shy and more confident and I made him more motivated for life, he never thought about his future beforehand and because I run a business it made him think more, now he's chasing his dreams. After a year and a half of friendship he told me that he's been in love with me since day one and had always wanted me in his future. We dated for nine months and by the end of it we had known each other for three years. For some reason communication didn't happen at the start of the relationship and it built to a break up.

After so many years of being the most important people in each other's lives and loving each other as friends and lovers he didn't care any more. I can't even explain how incredible we were and I know I sound dumb but it hurts. He told me not to contact him any more and I'm blocked off of all social media, he got with somebody else a week after me and tried to make me jealous and then began name calling and trying to hurt me. Making fun of me to being kind and having a laugh with me and talking about our relationship before shouting again. He was horrible and I reciprocated. The guy I knew for three years didn't exist any more and I don't know why, I had shown him so much love and care. I fought so much for him.

Do they ever regret it in the end? Especially if you changed each other's lives for the better and had such a history of talking every day? Will he ever miss me? Is it a rebound? I know I sound dumb I just need answers to help me move on.
Do guys ever regret leaving? Or hurting the girl after years of loving each other?
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