Should I back off?

So I met a guy out about a month ago. He was in my city for the night, but actually lives about 2 hours from me. We really hit it off/exchanged #'s, text everyday & found we had a lot in common. I went out to visit him this past weekend & it was great. I stayed over but it was innocent & we went to breakfast/spent 1/2 of the next day together. We text all that day once I left as well (this was yesterday).

NOW-I'm starting to worry because he sort of dropped a bomb on me-he has to move to Europe for work for about 2 months and after that will be relocated so that he'll be living 3 hours from me.

I know it's very early on to be considering this turning into anything-but he's already hinted at me visiting him/us getting together in the future.

What I'm wondering is-can this really work out? I'm already developing feelings for him but don't want to end up hurt/left behind. It's too early for me to ask him about commitment-that would be crazy at this point-but wondering how I should handle contact from here on out. He's leaving next week...should I leave things up to him/back off & only get back to him when he contacts me? Do you think he even wants to maintain contact or will that just be a headache for him? Am I being stupid for somewhat sticking around for this?


PS...this is now the 1st day he hasn't contacted me-I know that's really no big deal, but wondering if he's already starting to ween himself away because he knows he's leaving town for a while?


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  • Just ask him if he still wants to stay in contact and how he wants to do that. You don't have to talk commitment, just ask what he wants to do contact wise.

    • Yes, I could just do that. I just don't want to scare him away or anything...not sure if I should just let things happen without saying anything-esp.since it's still early on ya know?

    • That's true. Even as just friends though, you'd need to know how to contact him if you were going to keep in touch.

    • Good point!! I guess with the way things are these days there's always some way to keep in touch.

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