Tips on moving on (Sorry for the long post hope you're willing to read it)?

He basically added me on this game he introduced me to and acting like this was the first time meeting. I thought he hated me but he was trying to get my attention to talk to him. If "us" happened again I'd walk the other direction. I'm on this alone, I'm trying to find every method to move on. I'd even get random flashbacks of memories. I don't need this. I need to forget about him.
Honestly I needed some answers to get my life back together, so please don't blame me. I wasn't sure if he was him or my ex Bff pretending to be him. I reminded myself " I don't care, it's over it was just a lesson not a blessing" I pray to god that I don't have to see them or run into them. I'm trying to find better people. People who will take me higher to success. They are just dragging me down because they are jealous. They are jealous of how god made me beautifully like a masterpiece like he knew what he was creating. They think i'm stupid and can fool me? Hahahah. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice shame on you. Fool me three times, God knows what happens.
I can't even like someone because I can't feel anything because my heart is literally still broken. All it can do is beat 1000x per min. I might not love again. I'm not emotional. It's like this person made me into cold hearted that can't feel anything but pain but still a warm hearted that cherish people and cares. Suggestions on how to move on for good? Because I KNOW I deserve better than this. I did nothing but give free love away. I do feel other people's pain of what they're going through because I can empathize. If he thinks there is another chance with me he can back tf off. I had enough. No mas. I need to give other people chances. I hope you get the point now. I don't care how many opinions there is. I'm willing to read them all. Long or short. But I've been single for basically 24/7. I am okay with that because god has someone better for me when it's time. For now, I'm just enjoying my life while I can. :)


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  • You must work on yourself, become a better version of yourself. You want that one day the people who broke your heart look back in their lives and regret what they've done to you.

    Work out, take good care of your body. Learn a new skill/language, equip yourself with knowledge. Meet new people, improve your social skills. And I guarantee you, one day, he who see a better you will regret what they've done.

    This is the best "revenge" you can have without actually hurting the other person directly/intentionally, because all you will have done is just leveling up yourself, while they (or actually most people) stay where they are.


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  • Ok, this is all games.
    You are 16, it is highly unlikely you will stay together in the future. Focus on your studies. I was obsessed with someone from the age of 15 until I was 21, and you know what IT WAS NOT WORTH IT.

    • Studies? I'm not focusing anything right now. It's 3 months of summer. You should tell my brain and heart that :) Because it's not like I intend to feel this way.

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    • Just stay away.. It will get easier. Just don't get caught in a trap of keep going back. Xx

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