Will he ever regret dumping a good woman even if the new one is the one that his he can be proud of because she's prettier, sexier and rich?

This is an update on my previous posts. I've been with my boyfriend for 3yrs and he broke up with me 3weeks ago. He said that his family doesn't like me because they are rich and I came from middle class. He said he loves me but his dad is already threatening his future and said that if he won't leave me they will not pay for his tuition fee anymore. He's 26, I'm 27. they are worried about their reputation. I've been with him through thick and thin, even if he does have issues with his behavior. I have accepted his flaws even if he's already controlling and emotionally abusive. I know I'm stupid for letting this guy treating me so bad but I loved him with all my heart. He said that even if he graduates his family won't still accept me and he can't date me anymore because the relationship will be one sided. he said that as much as he wants to feel that feeling (love) he can't because it's too painful. He's ignoring me right now and I am also in NC. my friend told me that he's already pursuing someone new 3 weeks after the break up. The first 2 weeks he was still curious about me asking our mutual friends if I'll be going to an event that he will also attend. But there's already a girl who's trying her best to make him forget me. I have given him too many chances already just to make it work but he didn't have the courage to fight for his love. I know I'm still disappointed of what happened, and I'm still trying to numb the pain trying to think that I deserve better. But will he ever regret dumping me? we have planned for our future already and he would just dump me like that. And treat me like as if I didn't exist in his life. I blocked him before but I unblocked him because I'm not used to shutting off a person in that way. And I don't know if he's mad because I'm not chasing him anymore. He even posted on fb that he's happy and loved. That someone has turned his frown upside down. I'm really disappointed and I hate this feeling. I'm not used to getting mad at people.


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  • Really sorry to hear that. I know it's not your question but you shouldn't worry about whether or not he'll regret dumping you. Just remember that you cared for him and by him leaving you, that's one less person he has in his life that cares about him, he's lost something special there. You on the other hand didn't lose that much by the sound of things because if he had cared about you, he wouldn't have dumped you. And if he gets into a relationship with someone else, don't worry about it, don't compare yourself to her... You are you and she'll never be that and that's all that matters. If he didn't see that you were special then that's his issue but he's meaningless to you if that's the case. He might miss you, usually that can happen especially if he doesn't find someone as caring as you, but again.. That's his problem... If he does want to come back to you, all the work's on him.. He's got to prove to you that he's worth it and he's not just messing you around.

    • I don't even know why I loved this person this much.. even if there's on much red flags I looked past at it because I value him and our relationship.. but I'm just disappointed that he took me for granted. I'm really ashamed of myself for always taking him back. Whenever we get into an argument he'll transform into a monster and would say some things that would really hurt me. As if he's spitting on my soul already.. he would do name calling even if it's not true.

    • Don't be ashamed of yourself. When you're that emotionally invested in someone, when you picture your future together with them and spend so much time thinking about them it can be very hard to let that piece of your life go.. Even if they really were a pretty crap person in the end. I think everything in life is a learning experience, hold on to what you learnt and let go of the rest. Hope you can move on soon, even if it may take some time. You're stronger now. All the best.

    • Thank you :) I will try my best to move on soon. Maybe I just miss the times that we've been together.. but I'm still hoping that he would regret the things that he has done.. but I just hope it's not too late.

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  • It's probably a rebound. If he loved you that much hr'd fight for you

    • Thank you so much, it's just that I got shocked of what happened.. because the new one seems to be so perfect :(

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    • You too :)

    • Thank you 😍😍😍

  • Ew he sounds so weak and passive letting his mommy and daddy pay his way and make his decisions. Get you a real man girl! 😘

    • Thank you :* I know right, I really hate what he did. We were just okay when we took a 3days vacation. And then when we got back to our town the next day he said that we need to break up because his family found out about us. Now this girl is always tagging him on fb

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    • This too will pass! And no problem 😊

    • Thanks a lot :) and yes you're right. This too shall pass. I will try my best to be better than I used to be 😊

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