How does a good guy/girl change after losing his/her first love, or being cheated on for the first time?

- Does it make him/her a bad guy/girl?
- Does he/she become less emotional?
- Does he/she become less attracted to his/her next partner?
- Does he/she stop believing anyone else?
- How much time and support does a good guy/girl require to move on after this?
- How much time and support does a guy/girl get to help them move on after this?
- How different is it for guys and girls in such a scenario?


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  • Betrayal is one of the most painful experiences to face. Trusting again becomes such a difficult challenge for them, because they fear facing that same emotional pain again. It has a detrimental affect to their physical , mental and emotional state

    Words become empty and meaningless to them , because they trusted the one person who they thought would never hurt them, but yet they were let down and heartbroken . They can start to have a distorted view of relationships and fear entering into one again. So they remain guarded

    Time and patience gains people's trust. The more open and honest you are with then the more likely they will slowly lower their guard.

    I think it's easier for people to trust again if the relationship ended without any betrayal involved. It's easier to earn their trust if they've never faced deceit and infidelity


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  • Getting over your first love is hard. I think what turns people bitter is that they don't allow themselves the time to heal. They try to move on too quickly and become destructive. There are also those who just can't seem to get over their first loves and dwell, causing them to not be able to fully invest in the next person bc they're so stuck on the what ifs of the last. there's no time frame as to when you'll get over your first, you just have allow yourself the time to do so and keep moving forward. Don't remain stuck in your pain, or allow it to consume you. Keep pressing on bc 9/10 your ex is moving forward too.


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