Why is my ex already talking to other girls right after our breakup?

We broke up 4 weeks ago. Apparently, he didn't feel comfortable with a long distance relationship since I'll be moving 2 hours away. I was willing to give a LDR a shot; he was cynical about it, so we broke up.

Throughout our year long relationship, he was all over me. In fact, he was the one who originally pursued me. He told me how lucky he was to have me, and amazing I was. He was very loving. We had a lot of common interests. Then all of a sudden he wants to break up, and he acts like nothing happened. It seems like he's been interacting with this other girl on FB, and she kind of looks similar to me. I don't go around stalking him, but I can't help but see this stuff because it shows up on my newsfeed.

I mean, I was willing to cut him some slack for the reason of our breakup. I understand the negativity towards LDRs, but once I saw all of this business with him already talking to other girls, it really broke my heart. I mean, all of your time spent with me and you're not even upset?


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  • Disclaimer , not in the field of psychology just some guy with too much time on his hand. Time to science.

    Being in love causes the release of two key pleasure chemicals in the brain , dopamine and norepinephrine. You can basically become addicted to the sensation much like a crackhead becomes hooked on cocaine , which also stimulates the release of the same chemicals.
    Due to the breakup, the production of said chemicals decreased. So much like a crackhead going through withdrawal , he's addicted to the sensation , and what gives the same sensation? Going into another relationship "falling in love" again.

    It explains why do some people keep on getting into chain relationships without... much of any break at all inbetween. It's not that they don't value the last relationship , it's more so they are addicted to sensation of love and they can't bear the sensation of being deprived of it.

    Well that got heavy.

  • Can't say I care.


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