When moving on, do I have to get a closure from him?

I think that's the problem why i can't move forward.


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  • He is the one who break up with you right?

    • It's complicated. I broke up because i thought he need to get his act together, then he apologized and sounded sincere. Last shot, well... he broke up with me because I was arguing with him just because I found a pic of him with another girl. He tried to make up lies and change his story. So I believe it's him.

  • Why from him?

    • I don't know. Because I feel like I'm required to have one and I don't know about him. It's like dropping your baggage and leaving.

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    • I read a book. I've learned that all of this was just a lesson. It wasn't significant who ended what. What matters what I've learned from it. But seems to me I get the toughest situation in life before preparing myself to the real world. It is gonna be tough to move on because I've been trying to find every method to move on.

    • xD book or not. An ex is a lesson :)
      Some people tend to start dating people they might not even like, just for the sake of getting that feeling of being loved again.
      But it's during this time that you should take your time and just think about what you think is attractive

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