Does my ex still have feelings for me?

I have been dating this guy for 2 months now. He made me his girlfriend on the 2nd month we were dating. On that date he wanted sex, I repeatedly told him no. We had a fight. I ended up leaving because he wouldn't respect my boundaries that I set. He looked upset and dissapointed when I left. The following week he wouldn't text me or call me like he always did (every day or so). One day he wouldn't answer my phone calls so I texted him instead. I asked him why he was avoiding me. He texted me saying I was selfish and that he felt like a piece of shit on our last date. I sent him a text telling him i was sorry and that I don't want to have sex until I get birth control, I told to wait two weeks. I didn't get a reply until two days later. He gave me a call and told me our relationship wasn't working and that we should just be friends (no sex-were his words) and maybe if our relationship gets better we can date again. I agreed we should break up. After the break up he sent me a text saying he wanted to be friends. I told him I would think about it. He said to contact him whenever I wanted to, and he told me his days off. It has been a week since our breakup and he's only sent me 2 txts.
I'm really upset.
Does he have mixed feelings about me?
Was he only using me for sex?
Why does he want to be FRIENDS?


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  • Sounds like he's only using you for sex. I'm sorry/: If he's not willing to wait two weeks for you to get birth control that's just plain stupid.

    Stay true to yourself though, and remember that waiting is not always a bad thing. You will find another guy who respects you and is willing to wait as long as you need because you're worth the wait.

  • Sounds like he just wanted sex but to not look bad suggested friends

    • thanks for the advice !
      He sent me a text the other day. It was all flirty and he asked how I was doing. If he only wanted sex why would he bother contacting me occasionally?

    • Men do when they're horny...



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