Help!!! Why did my ex bring up that he wants to get a house and take my opinions into consideration?

My ex and I still see each other at times but are not dating
Guys please help with your opinions?


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  • Sounds like he is testing you to see if you are interested in a reunion.

    • But he didn't even ask?

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    • What other people do is irrelevant. What HE wants is irrelevant. Why are you so desperate to do whatever he wants? Is this the only guy who will ever want you? You dated once and it didn't work. Yes, people get back together all the time and they almost always rediscover the problems that led to their break up the first time around.

      You have been very persistent in refusing to address this question that I have asked and that suggests tom that you are not wanting to look inward and have that conversation with yourself about your motivations and what YOU want. Happiness in relationships begins with being happy with yourself, and that requires some self-awareness.

    • I am happy with myself and happier with him. We really didn't have problems until I brought them on

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  • Because you're dating.

    • No I said were not dating

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    • And you never will.

    • Fine

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