What Should I Do? Baby momma disappeared and I have not seen my baby in about a month. What to do next?

I did not sign the birth certificate because I was wanting a paternity test first. She was pissed I even suggested such a thing but I caught a guy hiding in her shower when she was 4 months pregnant so I wanted to be sure. Well a week after the baby was born, she dumped me, and I don't have anyway to contact her. She does not live where she used to, her phone is cut off. I tried getting a court ordered paternity test but the lawyer I talked to wanted $4000. I don't have that kind of money. What do I do? Will I ever see my child again? Do you think it even is my child?


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  • Take her to maury


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  • ya there probably isn't much you could have done... You should have signed the birth certificate and did the test later

    • If I had signed the certificate, I would have been financially responsible for the child until his 18th Birthday even if the test proved he was not biologically mine.

    • I have my doubts that is true. You could have taken her to court if it proved otherwise now your potential son is out who knows where and you can't do anything about it

    • It's true. I have talked to a lawyer.

  • That's very weird. Perhaps go to police and issue a missing person's case?
    I mean it is your child.

    • Scratch that, could be your child.

    • Sadly I have no legal right to the child though.

    • You can still issue a missing person's case. She doesn't seem mentally stable since she took off with the child like that. If you tell police you're afraid that the child is in danger, they'll be on the lookout for her. A woman doesn't just vanish like that for no reason

  • so basically she kidnapped your child. im so sorry about that. try going to the police and filing her as a missing person?

    • I do not have any legal right to the child so she can do whatever and does not need my permission. 😥

  • Cvs has paternity tests. And what can be done? Try to track her down, call a lawyer and the cops.

    • Tracking her down isn't easy. She bounces from place to place. Her sister lives in a gated community, her mom lives in the middle if nowhere but it's gated also. Calling the cops would do nothing because she has not broken any laws, and the Paternity test sold in CVS or Walgreens can not be used in court, and in case you missed it in the post, I have talked to a lawyer.

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  • What do I do?
    -- talk to her family or friends
    -- hire a PI to find her

    Will I ever see my child again?
    -- i don't know but i'd think probably

    Do you think it even is my child?
    -- no clue man

  • I doubt it was your child bro. You dodged a bullet big time.

  • i doubt it is. why's it so absurd? you have good reason to question it. she's a terrible person.


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