Should I move on or try to work through it?

Okay so I have been with this guy for 7 years. We have two kids we just bought a home. I found him on snap chat chatting with girls. The thing is I have caught him on dating sites before. I have checked his phone and I didn't see messages from girls. Long story short I kicked him through his tuff out he called me saying he doesn't know why he does it he said he gets on those sites for comfort when we fight because I noticed with some of the messages they are not everything they are like once or month or so usually when we fight. I miss him but I don't know what I should do we have a house it's in both of our names he explained why he did it last night but we haven't spoken then he hasn't even asked about his children I kicked him out on Monday. I caught him on a site before and messed up his car and forgave me. Should I move on or what should I do because now we have a house and I'm not sure on getting in debt to sell it or what


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  • You don't or can't trust him so this relationship is doomed anyway. If you're resorting to harming property this is a very bad relationship and needs to end

  • if you feel like its not gonna work out, its best to move on


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