Ex messages me after a month of NC?

My ex messaged me a week ago after no contact for just over a month. He asked me if we could talk and I asked him "about what?" he said "everything". He then asked "do you hate me?" and I said "no" and he said "thanks". I then asked "is that it?" and he said "no, i'm just at work. We'll talk tomorrow". After that message I never heard from him for a week. Should I just leave him be, or should I message him? Why would he say he wants to talk, but then avoid it?


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  • don't waste your time on thinking about response... he don't know your value and he'll never know.
    help him to find out who you really are... cuz you deserve much better than wasting your time... by ignoring him.

    • Do you think by ignoring him he'll realize what he lost?

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    • Thank you very much :-)

    • I'm glad I gave some help.

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  • If he can go an entire month without talking to you then he should go even more. Dont ever message this guy or even respond to anything he sends you. he is just trying to talk to you now because no one else wants him at the moment.

    If you have him on your social media still, be petty and post a pic of you looking hot or with another guy. he will hit you up immediately and then you can just ignore him again

    • I deleted him off of my social media. Thank you very much for this response :-)

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  • He's only wanting to know if you're available as a backup plan till he finds someone else

  • Yeah, just leave him be


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