Think your break up was bad: beat this?

You can't even make this shit up.

My two best friends are brothers. The one brother went out with this gorgeous girl many years ago and they married. The other brother fell in love with the gorgeous girls sister and they too went out and eventually got married.

So the two brothers married the two sisters. Cool.

Now, this happened in South Africa. The land is dying and many, including myself are trying to escape it. The two girls have German descent. So they decided to move to the UK with their husbands (the brothers, my friends). South Africans are not allowed into other countries (without strict criteria anyway) and the sisters German descent got them in.

now... they sold and left everything to get into the uk and have been living there for 4-5 years. The brothers parents sold their business and everything they owned to get into the uk too so they could be with their sons. So the whole family is there.

BUTπŸ˜‚... both sisters just divorced the brothers recently (they both had affairs too). But here is the ultimate ball kicker... because of the Brexit, the brothers don't have the EU visa anymore and need to reapply to stay in the U. K., which they will probably lose. So they have to come back to South Africa. And the parents sold everything? They either have to stay in the U. K. Without their children, or return to South Africa without anything (since they sold it all to buy their way into the uk)

that... ladies and gentlemen is a fuck up!!
Think your break up was bad: beat this?
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