Think your break up was bad: beat this?

You can't even make this shit up.

My two best friends are brothers. The one brother went out with this gorgeous girl many years ago and they married. The other brother fell in love with the gorgeous girls sister and they too went out and eventually got married.

So the two brothers married the two sisters. Cool.

Now, this happened in South Africa. The land is dying and many, including myself are trying to escape it. The two girls have German descent. So they decided to move to the UK with their husbands (the brothers, my friends). South Africans are not allowed into other countries (without strict criteria anyway) and the sisters German descent got them in.

now... they sold and left everything to get into the uk and have been living there for 4-5 years. The brothers parents sold their business and everything they owned to get into the uk too so they could be with their sons. So the whole family is there.

BUTπŸ˜‚... both sisters just divorced the brothers recently (they both had affairs too). But here is the ultimate ball kicker... because of the Brexit, the brothers don't have the EU visa anymore and need to reapply to stay in the U. K., which they will probably lose. So they have to come back to South Africa. And the parents sold everything? They either have to stay in the U. K. Without their children, or return to South Africa without anything (since they sold it all to buy their way into the uk)

that... ladies and gentlemen is a fuck up!!


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  • Soooo the sisters are going back to Germany? Together?
    That's... weird, I don't know too many adult sisters who make life decisions as a unit. And when I say "I don't know too many", I mean zero.
    [... you mentioned "staying in the UK without their children", but you didn't really clarify that]

    What are the rules on just... absconding with children, like that?

    Here in the US, the kids would automatically be US citizens. (Anyone born in the US is automatically a US citizen.) Also, I don't know what you have or haven't been reading in the press, but, our country is not very heavy-handed about deporting illegal immigrants -- especially if they are productive people who aren't causing legal trouble -- so, the fathers wouldn't be kicked out the way you're describing.
    Finally, it's rare for 100% custody to be awarded in divorces here, and *vanishingly* rare for one parent to be granted the right to move overseas with a kid (s) against the other parent's wishes. That latter situation is something that pretty much isn't allowed to happen, unless the other parent specifically has a record of child abuse or neglect. (If these women tried to take the kids back to Germany from the US, they'd be charged with kidnapping, which is an especially high-stakes crime when it takes place across international borders.)

    So... As fucked-up as our system is here in many ways, it would absolutely not allow this sort of thing to happen. Yay america.

    • No you got me wrong (or my writing got me wrongπŸ˜‚). The brothers don't have kids with the sisters. The parents of the brothers sold everything to get into the UK once the brothers settled in there. So the parents are pretty old and have little now. They can survive in England, but lost everything in South Africa.

      The girls are not going back to Germany. Because of their German descent, they could get their husbands (the brothers) into the UK because that particular visa was linked to the EU agreements which makes it that any European could stay in the UK (and the husbands are married into European blood).

      The reason they went this route is because it's very hard to get a permanent residency Visa into the uk specifically. So people go the EU visa route as its a bit of a loophole to get into the uk. It's also the main reason why uk voted out of the EU. To prevent the mass influx of immigrants. But now with the divorce, and the brexit...

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    • Hey, well, you made it, right?

    • ... it's really cruel. They make you wait 6-8 months for a yes or no once you submit all documents. I havnt made it yet. I have submitted all documents and met all criteria so it should be fine. But I have to wait anywhere from August to October to see if everything is fine. The waiting is killing me. I've also saved all my money for one reason: in the the likely event they say no, I will appeal with the best lawyers money can get πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

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  • oh gosh that f****d up :o
    besides i've heard it never goes well when two brothers marry two sisters... most people who did it mostly ended up separating

  • Wow. That seems terrible πŸ˜“

  • Jesus Christ indeed


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  • feel bad for them :(

  • I feel this story is incomplete without telling us what sparked the dual divorces


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