Can someone please give me motivational or kind words to help me move forward from this relationship?

my boyfriend cheated on me and I gave him a second chance everything was going great and he would treat me so well until today I decided to go through his found because he always told me to do it because he had nothing to hide so I took the offer and did it while he was sleeping and found out he was talking to multiple of girls and asking them for nudes and the girls would ask him for dick pics then he got an email notification saying he had 12 matches and I clicked on it turns out he had an online dating account...
i feel mad, horrible and, so disgusted someone please help me:( I'm so angry because i dont get why he would do that I literally did everything I could to make us have a healthy relationship can someone give me kind or motivational words please?
By motivational word I mean words to help me move forward from this break up because there's no way I can still be with him he betrayed me twice and I won't put up with that.


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  • Motivational words? Dump this guy. There are plenty of guys who do not behave like that.

    How long did you know this guy before you decided that you were a couple? Stop expecting that if you have sex with a guy then he is going to love you. It doesn't work that way. Sex and love are two entirely different things. Have sex because you want to have sex, not because you think it's going to get some guy to love you. If you don't want to have sex with guys who aren't seriously interested in you, then date a guy for a while before having sex.

    • Oh trust me I am dumping him! I know I'm way better then this and I won't settle for a guy who cheats on me twice! My motivational words I meant was words to help me be strong and move on from him. I actually knew of him since kindergarten and then we finally actually started talking in October 2015 and we decided to be a couple in December so we've been dating for almost seven months. And had sex for the fist time when we were around 4 months. i just don't get what more he wanted from me that he needed to see other girls body for pleasure. I'm just very disgusted in him and to be honest I do feel hurt.

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  • First things first leave his ass. You don't need that kind of stress in your life. You're in the prime of your years and trust me there are wayyyyy better men than him walking around waiting for an amazing chick like you. Don't be afraid to move on from him because what he didn't/wouldn't or won't do for you another one will. Don't miss out on a better opportunity! You were too much of a good thing to him so fuck him. Also, don't think any less of yourself. A queen never takes her jewels off her crown for any reason. You are strong! Breakups are shitty but you will live and love again. Don't hold you head down and shut others out. Shine your crown and get back out there cause that prince charming is somewhere waiting for you. You don't deserve to be toyed with. No one does. It's not fair that you stay faithful while he cheats. He doesn't deserve any other chances either. Having sex with a guy won't make him stay. If he wants to be kept you'll know.

    • This by far the most helpful words I have received. Thank you so much I appreciate it! When I read what you said it made me actually cry because your so right my Prince Charming is out there waiting for me someone who will treat me like a queen while I treat him like a king. He fed me so many lies I can't believe I believed everything he said:( He played me while I stayed so faithful to him and that is what's hurting me the most. But you're right there are better opportunities out there and I just need to be strong! Thank you so much!!!

    • You're welcome. I ought to know about being lied to and giving out chances. No matter giant times he apologizes it'll never be the same. If you continue to take him back it won't progress and you'll be hurt again. Moving on is best and you'll feel a lot better. Yore welcome dear ❤😊😁

    • There's no way I'm giving him another chance! He hasn't replied to any of my text so I'm just waiting on him so I can talk to him in person and tell him it's officially over! And I know he apologized so many times he even cried the first time I caught him cheating and told me he made a promise to himself that he will never cheat on me and he said to trust him that it wouldn't happen again. And I told him if he did it again there's no way I'm staying with and he said that fine because it would never happen again. And I'm starting to realize right now that he was such a liar!!! Wow I can't believe. But again thank you!💖

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  • You can do it! Maybe.

    • Oh I can do it!!! There's no maybe lol I know what I'm worth! And I'm definitely not going to settle for a guy the fed me lies and cheated on me twice while i stayed faithful!

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    • I wish! Lol

    • I'm glad someone motivated you.

  • My dog is cute


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