Should I leave him for good? (Really upset need help)?

My boyfriend Is from India and eventually came to the U. S. to study but he decided to study across the U. S. from me. He originally catfished me even though he made it to the U. S. saying we would meet , until I found his real photos online then he was so upset and sad and begging me not to leave him so I decided to forgive him, but I kept an eye out. Later he was really depressed about his family and his living situation so I would stay up late nights to talk to him to make sure he was alright. I would only sleep 4-3 hours a night even though I was in school because I knew he needed the support. He constantly promised that we would meet in June, but suddenly he said he couldn't because of his current job and school work... I still continues to talk to him up until now and he said he will pay for me to come visit him but my mother and I are a little iffy. I recently received my I'D and he asked to see proof that I got it because he thinks I didn't really go and get it so I could come see him but I told him that I won't receive my original until after a week. Then he refused to show me his I'D saying that he lost it and would show me when I came to visit him. Last night I had a nervous breakdown and I thought that I had turned off the phone call after he fell asleep but I started crying really loud and then I hear "Hello?" and realized the call was still on, he heard me crying... but instead of trying to help me calm down he kept telling me to stop crying because it is making him angry and I was disturbing his sleep and making him stressed.
I realized that I had always been there for him but when I was really emotionally sad he basically said "should I sit there and cry also? Is it going to change anything?" Please help me explain his thinking and help me decide If I am not just being selfish?


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  • You are getting used! This is so unhealthy. It may hurt to cut this cancer of a person from your life but you will be healthier for it.


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  • He's an asshole who doesn't care about you, nor does he value your relationship. He built the relationship on a fucking lie and is now not following through with his promises. And he doesn't seem to be there for you emotionally.

    Why do you like this hack exactly?

    Dump him. See how quickly he comes running back.


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  • Get rid of this guy ASAP! You don't have to prove anything and for gods sake do not send him a photo of your ID with your address and bio info on it.

    Do you really even know who this guy is? Be smart about this. There are plenty of other guys out there who aren't douchebags and are closer to where you are anyway.

    This dude honestly sounds like an Internet predator.

    • I do know who he really is. Well on the outside at least. I did so many searches and asked so many students that he went to school with and they all think he is a goood guy. But I think he is probably just a psycho. And your right I am probably not the only girl. Also I know I wouldn't show him my I'D I was asking him to see if he would hide it.

    • Well good. Ok, well since we know he's kinda real, still get rid of him. He's not only an asshole, but he's far away and you've never met in person. He doesn't follow through on his words. Truly makes a man unattractive when they are like that.

    • And to add 1 more thing. He is only making you miserable. Can you imagine how he'd make you feel in person if he's already like this long distance? Ugh!

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