How long do you wait until you accept the fact that you've been ghosted on, or your boyfriend is MIA, or your getting the silent breakup?

Over the last 2 weeks my boyfriend and I have had a few bumps in the road. He stopped calling and texting as often since our argument. Although he said he forgave me he's been acting different. Not as sweet and kind of distant. I saw him Monday and we had fun, no arguments or anything, we don't usually fight anyway but I did feel like there was some tension lingering. After I got home Tuesday I decided to not be clingy and wait for him to text me or get in touch but he never did. I texted him yesterday (wed) and he did not reply nor did he reach out at all. I assume he still upset or something. But when I got up today and still haven't heard from him I felt like he's trying to pull the silent breakup on me. I haven't texted him at all since yesterday when I got no reply. I feel like him ghosting on me is REALLY immature especially for his age 39!!! So, maybe I did it outta emotions or not but I decided to accept a date for this Saturday from a different guy who has been pursuing me for a while. I'm not the type of girl to chase a man and continue to reach out if I'm not getting anything back. But do you think I'm jumping the gun. Too soon to make other dates? Or am I right, time to move on? Any opinions? Keep in mind this is almost 3 days no contact he's pulling on me, and we weren't just dating, were suppose to be in a relationship. I don't consider this cheating because I feel like he's giving me the silent breakup anyway, but do you think its cheating? I'm just not gonna chase any man that clearly isn't feeling it anymore. And please don't tell me to call/text my current (ex) boyfriend because that's not gonna happen. At the very least he's being a real jerk.


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  • A lot of breakups are silent breakups. Keeps the woman from freaking out on the guy when he dumps her. I'd give him no more than a week.. after that consider yourself dumped and move on.


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  • i think if you don't call him you shouldn't be going on a date so soon. and consider you saw him a few days ago and things were good it seems like you actually want out of the relationship if you are already planning a date

    so why don't you just call him and break up with him

    • I honestly don't want to breakup with him, I text him and get no reply. I don't want to seem pathetic or annoy him by continuing to contact him and keep getting blown off. But at the same time he's not texting me at all either or responding. There has been some silent tension like he never really got over the fight. I mean, why else would he be ignoring me. Yes we saw each other and had fun, but maybe he decided that he couldn't move on. I have no idea

    • so if you are going to date other people then just break up with him. you don't need to resort to lowering yourself to retaliatory practices. nothing good will come of it. he's going no contact and you want to go out with someone then dump him. if you want to be with him then call him and tell him that you want to sort things out once and for all. that the lingering issues need to be resolved.

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  • Yeah, to soon to make other dates. You need to do one of two things. Either break up with him because you don't want to be in a relationship with him or you need to talk to him and tell him what you are thinking. From here it looks a little hypocritical that you accuse him of being childish for not contacting you when you want and then going out and setting up a date with another guy. That is basically cheating at this point girl.

    • Yeah I feel you, just with the combination of the weird tension and him not responding for 3 days, I don't want to be chasing him. All I can think is that he's ghosting on me

    • If you the both of you are understood to be in an exclusive relationship then you need to keep it exclusive until you exit or solve the problem. While it may be a boost to have another guys attention at a tough time you really don't want to do anything you will regret. Trust me, it sucks.

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