Girls, Why did she have this sudden change and break up with me, won't talk to me and won't tell me why?

She was crazy about me from the start, and wanted a relationship very quickly. It didn't take her long to start telling me she loved me, she was understanding when I told her I couldn't say it back until I knew I meant it. The day I did seemed to be the happiest moment of her life.

her best friends said they never saw her this way with anyone before. She had told people she had never been treated the way I did. I wasn't a pushover, but respected her

I ended up falling in love with her, ended up bonding with her kids too. She always wanted to see me, and when I was able to would come over for a night or 2.

a couple weekends ago she and her daughter came out. Everything was normal, she was affectionate as usual, nothing out of the ordinary. The morning she left, we had our usual goodbye.

the next evening I got a long text breaking up with me, saying I did nothing wrong and it wasn't my fault, she just didn't have time with things going on to have a boyfriend and be a mother.

i asked her to at least talk to me about it. She said sorry but she couldn't. Three days later I sent her a text, only to let her know something she needed. She asked me not to text her. About a week after, I had to text her because I need something back from her place. She was very short answering. I also asked her if she could tell me what happened, she said please stop, it's over.

a day later it comes up on my Facebook page that she's in a relationship, she had removed my name as I hadn't changed anything. It didn't say a name, and no I wasn't watching her page. It hurt, so I set it to not see her postings.

i haven't spoken to any of her friends, everyone I know can't believe it because it happened overnight and everything seems strange, never once had we argued. What gets me is the relationship thing so fast. She was never hiding anything, if she got a text and wasn't by her phone, asked me to read it to her, never trying to hide them, telling me she loved me on Facebook


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  • It sounds to me like she was seeing another guy the whole time she was with you. Maybe from work or something, so she didn't need to text him. I'm sorry this happened.

    • I have been thinking some of this. I don't think it's been the whole time, probably towards the end. In that case, he can have her, the way I see it, if she cheats on one guy, she will probably do it to another one. At this point, I have decided that I will give her her things back, but she will have to get them when it is convenient for me, I don't owe her a thing.

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    • Actually I think she probably is back with her ex, as I recall, she had said something about him coming out to the area for some reason. He moved to another state, in fact I remember the text, that he was going to bring her house key back. At least I won't be wondering what I did wrong. Still, very cold hearted to be that way, I've been dumped for exes in the past, but they told me about it.

    • yeah, sounds like what it is. You're better of without someone so emotional! Thanks for picking me.

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  • She probably got back together with an ex


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