How to deal with finding out someone you were dating was married the entire time?

Unwillingly I was seeing a married man. He claimed he was divorced when we first met. I just found out he was married earlier this week and I feel so deceived. I blocked him from calling me and contacting me after I confronted him when I got a message from his wife. Of course in a pit of rage i told her about the course of our relationship and even sent her screen shots and pictures of us. What's even worst is he actually had me in their home. He carried on for months like he was single. Nothing even makes sense really. I asked him how he was able to have spent so much time with me while married. I feel dirty and stupid and I really don't feel like I'll ever recover from this. What's also horrible is I feel that he will have little to no consequences for what he has done. His wife even told me I could continue seeing him if I pleased. I also found out was pregnant but I do not plan on having it.


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  • Leave. This has happened to me twice, and I got sooo mad at being put in that position. Just leave and don't worry about his family life. It's not yours to sort out.

    • How do you even trust someone else after that? I've never been in this situation before and I'm so livid. What's even worst is he didn't even apologize not that it makes a difference but he has ZERO remorse. I try not care but I do wonder if she will stay.

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    • Or he's just a liar. Unfortunately, for me, I don't easily just get over things. It will take a while.

    • You'll move on eventually. It's tough with guys, especially if you're young an attractive. Guys will say and do anything to get with you, so just be wary of them until they prove it. Watch out for signs like him not wanting you over at his place.

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  • Id make it simple and ask how much is their marriage worth... lol

    • Not much he told me had been divorced he even told me stories about situations they had they caused them to divorce. He was so detailed about how things ended.

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    • I've already told her everything and even sent screen shots of our conversation. She says he's a grown man and he can do what he pleases and she doesn't care what goes on between us.

    • damn she know your pregnant and want child support? =P i know u dont but that would fuck them up all together sooo they need to pay you to not have the baby.. at the very least they need to pay for the abortion

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  • Wait. What? Do they have an open relationship or something? Also are you going to tell him your pregnant

    • He knows he knew before I found out about his wife.

    • And no I don't think so. She expressed she was upset and he's now "single" and can do what pleases

    • Woww that's something. Did he really think he wouldn't get caught if you were having his child

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