Day 16 still no contact... Thoughts?

My Boyfriend started pushing me away after 5 years. We were looking at buying. Then he found out he might get made redundant in a job he loves and he switched on me... It all kicked off on a phone call and we broke up, he ignored me for two weeks. Said he didn't know if he felt the same way anymore and wouldn't explain it, just felt his feelings had changed. I was the one to say should we break up and he just kept saying "I don't know" so I said he clearly needed space to think about what he wanted etc as he didn't want to do a break, but what was we supposed to do. went to his house as his parents were emailing me and he was shutting everyone off not speaking and hibernating. When i went to his house, he kept saying his head was clear but he wouldn't look at me in the eye without eyes watering, he looked sad. He said he was really happy and he only has to worry about himself. Just kept saying about his job and how important it is to him. He is away for work a lot and the result of the redundancy means he will be away a lot more now. He knows him being away a lot upsets me sometimes.
When I asked if we was broken up he just kept saying "he didn't know" and he felt nothing and was hoping to snap out of it and he wasn't. He said it was "nice a girl is trying, but I feel nothing". :-/ he was just starring out the window clenching his fists. He said he hadn't thought about me at all, but later said he was worried my parents would be angry. He went out and got himself a new playstation and dvds that day, and said as long as he had those he would be happy. Said he never wants to be home anymore, he just wants to be away with work and alone and isn't sure at what point he turned into a loner.
Two days later, on the Monday, I apologized for a comment I made when I was upset and left his house, I told him I would leave him alone and to let me know if he wants to chat to let me know.
16 days in to no contact and nothing. Am I doing the right thing leaving him alone?
Day 16 still no contact... Thoughts?
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