Does this mean my ex boyfriend secretly wants me back or regrets letting me go?

He broke up with me a few weeks ago because he has issues with himself and isn't ready for a relationship. In all honesty the next few days after the brake up I did chase him wanting closure, he replied instantly and still kept contact available.

So I stopped contacting him for two weeks, I improved myself and showed him I was moving on and being happy; untill he lashed out at me on social media infront of my friends because I was out with them (they were male friends) so I messaged him telling him I didn't appreciate it so he got angry and lashed out even more telling me to F off etc.

After ignoring his his messages he was now chasing after me, needing me to answer him and when I did, I told him he was being disrespectful. He then began to apologise numerous times and saying he really hates himself, is 'loving life at the moment' , even things like: 'common look at me, I'm a piece of sh*t' and saying how he deserves a kick in the head for how he hurt me (he never shares his feelings).

Its the fact he lashed out at me then wants my attention which i didn't give. I didn't reply to his message. He still hasn't blocked or Unfriended me on anything.


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  • I felt similarly once so let me give you an overview:

    *He deeply regrets letting you go.
    *He's afraid of losing you more than he already has to his guy friends.
    *He is really pissed at himself for being disrespectful, not at you for not giving him attention.
    *He is afraid he'll never find a girl like you again.
    *He doesn't want to love anybody else nor does he think he deserves to be loved by anybody.
    *Every time he thinks of you he's also thinking of a part of himself that he lost over the past few weeks.
    *Everything he did that interested him while he was dating you he won't do anymore because it will remind him of you.
    *When he's not talking to you, he's empty, when he is talking to you, he's in hell and he can't decide which is worse.
    *Any mention of your name will make his heart sink.
    *He would give his life to save yours to show how sorry he is.

    But that's just what I experienced. Plus if he never showed emotion before, then well.. ^^^^^

  • I guess seeing you move on/having fun.. is making him jealous.

  • I secretly want you back.


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