Dated a neighbor and I want to make sure she's over me or if I have another chance, Do I?

It all started when I confronted her one day at the bar and started flirting with her. She looked interested but at the end of the night she told about her boyfriend. We continue to talk and hangout by ourselves for a week but I wouldn't make a move because of her relationship. She was wasting my time so I moved on for a week. Then one night she called me after she came back from the bar with her friends and came over. She told me she broke up with her boyfriend and we ended up making out and having sex that night. We continue to sleep at each others apartments for two and half weeks. We will get really intimate and cuddle for hours. I took her out for valentines day and we got really intimate. After valentines day she started to go hot and cold. Later that week she send me a text saying that it was is going too fast, she's not ready for a relationship and insisted to be friends. I got mad at her and told her I can't be friends but she continue to insist and told me she didn't want to lose me. We stop talking for a week then my ego made me apologize to her. She accepted the apology and still wanted to be friends. For the next two months we will do our own things. One day I cross paths with her with a new guy. One month later we ended up hooking up for two straight days but then she went completely cold. She went home for two week and when she came back she was trying to avoid me. One day I confronted her and she told me she was talking to someone else, I ask if the guy is her boyfriend and she said no but he might be later on. We ended up fighting and stop talking. I found out two weeks later that they were "official" 4 days before she told me about him (she lied). What really hurts my pride is that her new boy is the same guy I saw her with the other day and he's not the type of guy she'll date. She changed while dating this kid too, It's like I don't know her anymore. I want to know if it's really over and that there's no chance. Thanks.
Dated a neighbor and I want to make sure she's over me or if I have another chance, Do I?
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