Does true love even exist?

I used to believe in true love and if it's meant to be with a person that they will come back to you, and that if you truly love somebody you will never stop loving them (and vice versa.)

But I don't believe in that any more. I dated a guy who was my closest friend for years and he treated me incredible as friends and at the start of the relationship. He treated all of his exes well (I helped him through break ups so I knew) and because I wanted to take it slow in the first month he treated me badly afterwards. We had been so close for years and we fell out once and he came back. He had told me for three years that he was in love with me, we planned that we would get married, everything. And he treated me bad, and during the break up he told me he doesn't care, he never loved me, that he will never come back, made fun of my appearance and personality, got with somebody else a week after saying he misses me and wants me in his life, and then described how great it was with her and what they do together and continued to be horrible to me. My best friend for years and the person I trusted with my life, and somebody I loved with my entire heart.

So I just don't trust anybody any more. I truly believe nobody will ever love me after too many abusive relationships and the worst one being with my best friend. I never have any feelings or attachment towards anybody now because I know they will get bored, treat me badly, make fun of me and leave. I just know it by this point. Does true love even exist?
Does true love even exist?
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