How to create closure in unresolved relationships?

This is probably the hardest I've had to deal with. Never reached boyfriend status, but was on the cusp and things just end when they seem to be fine. Now I know it's too late...I will never contact her again and she me because I'm afraid that I'll get false hope and she won't because she's forgotten about me. So how to create closure? Especially when it's at the point where all these crazy doubts are running through my head (did she lose her phone, etc.)?


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  • maybe she did loose her phone

    how do you no till you ask her?

    If you like the girl that much you can't shut them out I shud no, I've been in a similar situation where I lost my phone.

    All you need to do is ask her out for a drink or something what have you got to loose. If anything the worse that can happen is a no, untill you no it will keep going around your head. Its the only way you can get closer.

    • I don't want to come out and ask her randomly one time. I'd have to build it up a little first with a few texts/calls to see what's up then eventually ask her, but that's the problem, I don't want to give myself false hope. I've done that before and it hurts far more than having no hope at all.

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    • Tell me more about the situation?

    • I don't see her in college anymore. We used to text A LOT, basically on the days we didn't have classes together. But when classes were over, she seemed to get distant; in other words, she was busy with her friends who came back from other colleges. So she never hung out with me anymore. Then we just never texted each other again.

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  • Hey it wouldn't let me finish what I was saying

    ask yourself how often fo you see her around, do you talk alot, how often did you text?

    Maybe there are signs there that your not seeing?

    Find other methods to talk to her for example over Facebook, msn and then ask for her number again if you don't have it.

    On other if you do start speaking to her again keep your options open.


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  • Seems to me like you just need to take a breath and ask her to lunch or something. That should help

    • Then what? What's the point when it's been so long since we've talked? Since she's probably forgotten about me, it'll be difficult for me to get her to agree to go out to lunch or something like that.

    • Well, define "long time." For the most part, people don't just forget others. They might not think about them often, but they don't really forget them.

    • Couple months. Our contact just stopped. At the point that it stopped, I think that I put myself out there enough, so I believed that if she was still interested to see what's going on with me, she would have by now. She never said "I'm not interested" directly, but now looking hindsight, it seems I may have missed a sign or two.

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