I'm need some reassurance.

First of all, I told the guy I liked that I like him. (we're in high school)

In note form, after English, when we usually walk together because his class and my lunch hour are that way~

I've known him for about two weeks, so it really stupid and overall impulsive to give him that note. I wrote it up the night before, chickened out, and then decided in about 3 seconds I'd give him the note.

I'm pretty sure he likes me-he'll wait for my after English, which is sweet, he smiles a lot around me, if he sees me walking around he'll wave or do something to vaguely acknowledge my presence. Apparently my friends notice it too...

Before all this, before I even spoke to him, he stared a lot.

I'm kinda the new girl in town, so I know he'd be justified; everyone stares. ^-^

I also dismissed these two things as simply being nice;

He tried helping with my locker. ;-;

And we ride the same bus, so he saw me and must have thought I was lost, so he tried helping out then too.

So basically I just want your opinions-I know this is very little information, but I'm a nervous wreck right now and I'm grateful for all input.

I have no idea why it automated my age. Anyway, it should be Under 18


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  • You should be a nervous wreck! Where on earth do you expect this relationship could possibly go, ultimately?


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  • relax...you've reached out and let him know how you feel about him. From the sounds of things he's fairly interested in you. Don't freak out. Wait and I'm sure he'll write you a letter back. If not ask him...what'd you think of my letter? If he's shy and kinda nervous...sure sign that he's into you big time. Think of it this way...had you not given him that letter you would have spent your entire life wondering what if...you jump at the chance...never ever feel bad about that.

  • wtf kind of reassurance do you need

    there is no problem from what I've read

    only time can tell from here...


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