When does it stop hurting? when did u stop crying/grieving after breakup?

my boyfriend of 6 years ended things 2 days ago. it was so unexpected and hard and I can't stop crying I feel so miserable and hurt I am truly heartbroken. I don't know how am going to cope without him. for the past 6 years he has being such a big part of my life and I can't remember a time going about my day where I didn't think of him or feel happy because of him. even in the past 2 days so much stuff has happened in my life and he is the first person I want to tell about it but I can't. when I think about it mostly at night I break down and cry. cried myself to sleep last 2 nights and sat in the kitchen floor crying for hours all evening. he told me I don't need him anymore and we need to find our own paths (met when we were 15). he said we need to move on and find our own life's separate. he is also moving away for work abroad next year and I know after that I will never see him again. I know childhood relationships don't last forever but I love him so much and am not ready to be without him. he told me he cares about me and still wants to be friends and he will be there for me until he has to leave. he has tried to call me once a day for the past 2 days to see if am alright. I can't answer it hurts too much. I need time and what's the point on me talking to him and seeing him when I can't be with him and knowing very soon I won't be able to see him again. it hurts so much I can't talk to him without crying or think of him without crying. I still want him in my life more than anything but I can't knowing that soon he will be gone and I won't even see him again it will break my heart all over again. this pain hurts so badly. will it ever stop? I can't loose him but I have :(
When does it stop hurting? when did u stop crying/grieving after breakup?
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