Got any post-break-up horror stories?

rumor spreading




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  • yeah I got a good one

    my ex broke with me saying she wanted to get closer to God

    then she let on that she had trouble liking other guys attention

    then she told my brother she likes another guy and that she couldn't stand the thought of me likign someone else even though she was exactly that way

    then she defriended me, my family, and all my friends from FB and was mad at me

    then she started talking to me after about two weeks, then she told me she didn't want to talk to me anymore because she I made her mad

    then two months later she contacted me saying she was sorry and telling me the reason she broke up with me was because she wanted me to chase her...

    • Hahaha dang! I am sure sorry for you bro, she seems crazy!

    • *shrug* I learned quite a bit and I wouldn't be with the amazing girl I'm with right now if I had stayed with her

      and amazingly me and my ex are friends again

    • She was but after she lost me it kinda made an impact and she's grown up quite a bit, besides some people simply say I'm too nice for my own good

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  • Why waste time messing with someone that doesn't want you or being concerned with what other people think about you. The rumor mill runs from scandal to scandal and each story burns out quick and is forgotten as soon as the next one appears on the lips of the wicked. Aren't you a little old for revenge and gossip. You're in your mid to late 20's; learn to forgive people and be happy. Life is too short. Live well while you have the opportunity.

  • Ex girlfriend stalked me and my new gf. she treated me really bad and I broke up with her and then she realized what she lost but by then it was too late. it got to the point were I almost had to call the cops because she was threating my gf.

  • Well, my ex first had cheated on me, then dumped me, tried to get with the guy she cheated on me with, then when she realized that he just wanted some sex with no commitments, she quickly came back to me, we got back together, but she refused to apologize, then a couple months later we just broke it off because she simply was just in the relationship to have a guy do stuff for her.


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