Guys does my ex girl want something with me?

so I was dating this girl and we were super into each other about a 9 months ago till she said to that she wasn't looking for a relationship so we ended things.

She hasn't dated anyone since and yesterday I messaged her and said I understand you don't was to go out but can there be anything between us?

She responded saying she doesn't know and that she doesn't want to give me a firm answer. I replied saying is that a nice way of rejecting me. She said no I don't want to just give an answer right now. I didn't insist and just said good night.

Does she want anything in the future at least but doesn't want to say yes now?

or does she not want me but don't want to completely lose me?

or is she confused.
Yes in the future
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Nope she put you in the waiting list
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She doesn't know
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Guys does my ex girl want something with me?
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