I don't know how to move on?

Planned my future with someone and my life has changed so much since we got together. Back then I used to go clubbing and now none of that interests me etc I have changed a lot. He has cut me off completely after five years and being my first proper boyfriend I literally don't know how to start with moving on. I have never been completely cut off from someone before when they was such a big part of my life.
The routine change at the moment especially at the weekends is so hard and I just feel so lost and lonely.
I have friends but they all go their own way now all loved up and children and stuff, everyone has just gone their own ways. Work friends aren't nearby as I commute in quite far. I feel miserable and can't focus on my studies anymore which I do at weekends. I know I sound pathetic but I am just looking for advice really as people keep telling me to move on but I literally don't know how.
I don't know how to move on?
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