She is depressed and broke up with me, should I give her time to recover or should I leave her completely?

I went out with this girl for about a month and things were going great. Well the other day she said she needed to tell me something. She is depressed for so many reasons going on in her life and is really insecure because her ex was playing her and her friend too. She's been in a shell for about a year and has recently started to go out a little more, she started dating again and thats where I came in. She said she didn't want it to sound like a chick flick movie but it's really just her. She wants to deal with her stuff right now and not rely on others to help her cause she's afraid those people will up and leave one day. I told her I understood because weve only been dating about a month and it's takes time to trust people. She told me if I'm not weirded out by her situation at the end of summer she would like to give us another shot. I know I told her I'll be there if she needs me but the more I think about it, it can push me more into the friend zone and that's not what I want. So should I start to not contact her and wait for her to reach back out when she feels fully ready that's if. I didn't talk to her afterwards for two days to give her space and she texted me last night but I kept it short. I'm not a clingy guy but I was starting to care. I want her to know I'm interested but at the same time I can't wait around forever. How do I do that?


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  • time to bounce man!

  • Leave her. Be just friends trust me.


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