What are the signs your ex wants you back? I want to get out of whatever we are in now back to relationship. I feel feelings are still present?

We were in a relationship for 3 months but those 3 months were amazing and felt like forever. We were great together, connected on every level and had a lot of similar interests. His familt approved/liked me and my freinds and family did too. They saw how happy we were which is why i dont get the breakup still. He closed off from everyone due to no job and money issues. After he broke up with me saying we were not connecting and he wasn't feeling what he thought he should be. I find to be weird bc before that we saw each other all the time and he fell more and more into me he said everyday. Anyway He started the contact one week after bu. I still believe he has feelings for me. We did sleep together a few times over these past few months. It doesn't seem like a typical bc or whatever. Its all very much loving. I sleep over his house he grabs me and hugs me and kisses me on my back etc. However the texts seem to be putting me into that category Like i said I believe there's still feelings but I don't know the other signs or how to go about getting him back. I know he's not with anyone else. he's a homebody. Has anyone every had somehting like this happen? Go from relationship to whatever to a new relationship? if so how? I am going to tell him how i still feel.


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  • You don't want him back. You'll only breakup again


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