Does he actually still have feelings for me like I do?

My ex husband left me following some conflicts then he initiated divorce after a bit while. From then we never shared any communication, or indication about our feelings. He did however made me feel unwanted, and disliked during the process of divorce and the child custody battle Also made false allegations. I on the other hand stopped giving him the impression I still love him although I do. Only time we communicate its when something regards our child. Now after six years he recently remarried and that has left me shattered one more time. After that thousands of emotions and questions striked my mind again. I just felt as though I needed cry my heart out to him about my emotion, feelings and all the questions that was eating me inside. But I knew I couldn't. I came across some heartbroken quote which related to the past we had together so I uploaded it as my whatsapp profile picture. Soon he continuously started to upload few quotes himself. Some quoted "never cry for someone's love as the one you cry for will never be yours. And the one will be your would never make you cry." Another one "nobody likes to cry intentionally. Its the past that makes people cry, the memories of the past makes people cry. The most closest and beloved ones that makes us cry." And another "some mistakes teaches people many lessons, some pain makes people stoned hearted, some negligence/avoidance makes people go so far. And some reality changes people so much." So that's why I'm writing this basically, what do you guys think? Could he be referring these quotes me? Could he still be having feelings for me even though he's got a new lady in his life? I will really appreciate if you guys take a little time to put your views to my question please. Thanks
Apologies for my grammatical errors! Sorry.
Not getting my hopes up guys. I know the doors are completely closed and there's no way back. Just curious to know does the man I love somewhat maybe has feelings for me as well.


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  • No he doesn't have feelings for you, if he did he wouldn't have left you and wouldn't have married someone else. I understand how you feel as when through the same. It's a normal process where you have to go through some phases. For him it was easy because he started that process while he was still with you. It's always easier for the person that decides to end things.
    The first phase is usually where you feel a lot of anger towards the other person.
    The second phase is when you start to feel guilty assuming it was your fault and that you could've done things differently to maintain the relationship.
    The third phase is when you finally accept and understand what happened and you no longer feel anger or guilt.


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  • It doesn't specifically have to refer to you and the more you get your hopes up the worst it will be


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