How can you officially get rid of the ex?

how can you officially get rid of the ex. me and my boyfriend have been dating for a little over a year now, his ex had caused a few problems trying to talk to him, now all of a sudden mine, after a year and a half of breaking up with him is trying to get a hold of me. I obviously told my boyfriend about it and he's obviously going to go off on the ex for trying to talk to me. I don't want that jerk back in my life and I thought I made that clear. why the hell now is he trying to communicate with me. I know he's still single and according to some friends of mine who are unfortunately friends with him, he still wants me. I hate him. how can my boyfriend and I officially get rid of him. (keep in mind, my ex lives 3 streets away from me and I don't go outside my house except to drive. I refuse to walk around the neighborhood because when we broke up he tried stalking me)


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  • get the cops, the cops will tell him.

    • I tried that before. I may just have to do the 75$ for a restraining order. because he had already caused a fight with me and my boyfriend when we first started dating. got the cops involved but they didn't do anything last time. thanks tho. =)

    • Get your dad, or tell his parents. good luck.

  • Well what else can you do, ignor him avoid him, tell him to move one, or move, get a court order etc...


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