I think they are into me. Someone help me out.

hey guys I met these girls while (I am currently as of 3-31-10) on vacation and they are both gorgeous. I do have some questions though.

I met them a few days ago through one of their dads who is an awesome guy and I also got the chance to hang out with her younger brother but the thing is they don't really seem inclined to socialize with me at all even though I think they are into me.

I mean one of them always looks at me and smiles when I'm around and then they always whisper to each other but never really says anything to me and I never get the chance to talk to either of them because it seems like they are always going off to do something whenever I'm around (maybe a coincidence but who knows ). The thing is though their parents have definitely been talking about me. today one of the girls' parents (that I haven't really spoken to) knew stuff about me that I didn't tell them.

Tomorrow I'm going on a fishing trip with their dads and their younger brothers. So is there anything I can do to get either one of them? before I have to go home which is this Saturday.

sorry for this being so long but if you read this far any help is highly appreciated thanks.
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hey guys thanks for the help. The last day I was there I ended up hooking up with both the girls.
I think they are into me. Someone help me out.
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