What should I do to make him regret?

We dated for 4 years and it was both of us first love so it was very intense. I really love him and i thought he also did but now i dont think so. We broke up because he will study abroad eventhough he still has one more year in this country! I know its stupid but it was his idea. Even though we broke up he was always with me, calling me beautiful, sexy and irresistable. He never ever looked at another women. Every thing was okay until these days. He went abroad for summer school and we rarely talk. Sometimes he calls me and tells me about girls that want to date him. He always sends me pictures of him and the girls (different girls each time). And they seem very close. I am very jealous and sometimes i make it obvious. But he only says "its ridiculous." Sometimes he says we are only friends. I really can't understand. In only one mounth could someone change this much? didn't he love me? How can he forget me this easily? Or does do that to make me jealous? I wonder what will he do when he comes back.


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  • sorry for what happened.
    you're dealing with someone who doesn't know what he wants from you or from that relationship and that will make more confuses about choosing to stay or not.
    it doesn't matter what he wants... what is really matter what do you want. unfortunately, the negatives is more than positives in this relationship. this signs mean that you should be more aware and smart in that relationship... cuz what I see is you give more than you take... like if you give more love... you'll get less attention in return... if you give more attention and care... you'll get more of the things that spark the jealousy in your heart in return.

    first love always either curse or lesson... don't look at that relationship with your heart, but look at it with your mind.

    Good luck...

    • Thank you for this comment! It was really helpful i can't even explain. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you for the trust...

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