Why do guys always leave the girls they are really into?

WHY? Why does it seem whenever a guy is really into a girl something always happens and they breakup? Makes no sense. or that the guy feels like a low life and says she deserves better. I had my dream guy. We were great together had amazing chemistry and got along great with a lot in common. Very similar indeed. Myself as well as our freinds and family and him saw us being together for awhile. We were really into each other. He then fell into a sort of depression-No job/money was depleating and other things. He closed off for a solid month. Then he told me he wasn't feeling like we were growing closer and was not feeling the feelings he thought he should have for me. Makes no sense going from that to nothing. Could it be the stress? He told amutual friend he needs to get his life in order. He does now work like 2-3 jobs. We do still talk he initiated after bu to see how I was. We joke around and I see him from time to time. We did have sex a few times too. I want to tell him how I still feel but I don't know if thats going to do anything. Why go from being with someone you are so into to nothing or not official anymore? This happen to anyone?
Why do guys always leave the girls they are really into?
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