Will my ex boyfriend want me back? What is he thinking?

My boyfriend of a year and a half & I met in college & when graduation came, we were both trying to figure out where we would go since he is from New Hampshire and I'm from GA. He was not able to find a job right away but I got a great offer job in VAso we agreed to both move there together and he would find a job. when we moved here everything was so so great. We were in a new city together, had each other as best friends and literally did everything together. We even got a new sweet puppy together and talked about getting engaged in the near future. Anyways, 7 months passed by and he wasn't able to find a good career that he had gone to college for. He started to get really down about that and feeling like I was able to start my career while he was falling behind (understandable to be upset about). If I ever asked him if he was planning to leave he would quickly reassure me that he would never leave me here alone and wanted to be with me. Well, over a week ago he came over saying that his lease ends soon and he didn't know what to do since he doesn't have the job he hoped for yet. He said he thought he may have more options if he goes back home & out of no where he was like yes, that's what I have to do. he then teared up and told me he loved me and left (with our puppy 😔). Said we must not be right together if he wasn't able to get a job here. I'm completely heart broken. I have never felt so sure of anyone before and feel so blindsided. We have not talked since. Could this really be the end of something so great? Does he not miss me? We had always said that if he can't get the job he wants then I will go anywhere with him after my year contract with my job. i also want to say that I get that he wants a good career i just wish he could have done so without us breaking up. But he hasn't tried to contact me except that he's sorry he had to hurt me but thinks it's best for both of us. Is he already over me? Thanks for any help or insight.
Will my ex boyfriend want me back? What is he thinking?
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