Did I do the right thing?

Okay so me and this girl have been off and on. She was mad I didn't see her last time I was home. So the next time I told her I would. Well it was Sunday night. I wrote her a letter, a bear, flowers, and dinner. Didn't get a thank you. Was rejected for sex and even a single kiss didn't get s kiss til the morning. Well we fought after that she said this was the last time. Pretty much got mad because I didn't feel appreciated and said she can finance herself, feed and house herself. I drove 7+ hours , got her food, worked 19 day shifts to make sure I had money for her. Finally got there and like I said was rejected all night. I got her all that so she was taken care of. Not even a thank you for making sure she was taken care of. It's the thought that counts right? I stood by her through slot and she finally got mad and said she never loved me and never will she's been trying to get away from me for awhile. If you have been trying to get away why bitch when I didn't see you last? Why accept my stuff? Why agree to stay with me in a hotel room? Why if you have been trying to get away? I don't know what to think.


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  • sorry but you've been used by her... time for you to move on


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