Should I apologize to my ex boyfriend for acting like this?

So my ex dumped me on Saturday over text. He said he doesn't have time for me anymore and it would be better if we're just friends. I called him after I got the message. And I was crying and asking him to not break up with me. But he told me that he already made up his mind and said he was sorry. So later that night I texted him and asked him how he could tell me that he loves me and have me meet his whole family then just dump me like that. He told me again that he doesn't have time and doesn't want a girlfriend right now. So then we talked for a little bit more. Then I told him I'd stop asking him so many questions and he told me it was fine. Then yesterday I texted him again ( I know I shouldn't have). I told him I wanted to talk in person he said alright but he couldn't that day cause he was busy. So then I got mad cause I thought he was lying about being busy. Then he asked what I wanted to talk about. I said I had more questions and it wasn't fair that all of this happened over the phone. He said he doesn't feel like talking about it and said if we talk it'll make everything harder for me. Then I told him that all the times he told me he loved me were bullshit and said that he clearly doesn't care about me. And told him that i was trying to fix this because I still really care about him but now I'm done trying. Then he said that there's no point in trying and he's sorry cause he doesn't want a girlfriend anymore. And now I'm really embarrassed for acting like that but I couldn't help it cause I'm really hurt. He made it seem like we were going to last for a long time after having me meet his whole family on the 4th. I feel really bad for accusing him of lying when he said he loved me cause he wasn't. I really want him back but i know he's not coming back after that. So should I apologize or just leave it? I don't wanna seem crazier than I already do to him.
Should I apologize to my ex boyfriend for acting like this?
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