How to get him back before I have to move out (3 days!)?

am in in an awkward situation where my ex broke up with me (July 4th) over me misunderstanding something and, because we have broken up before, he doesn't seem to want to work it out.

Problem is, I still live with him (in another room now) and it went from him wanting me to leave immediately, to (the next morning) saying I could stay as long as I need to and he'll help me as much as he can.

I thought it would be best to set a date (July 23rd) to make it easier, but I don't want to leave... I love him so much.

Most of the past few weeks he has been very cordial, but stays in his room most of the time (and works the weekends, so I hardly see him except a good morning when he leaves, and a hello when he returns (then back to his room).

Last week he invited me to the living room to watch a movie with him (and made a point to tell me he's not a bad guy and that I could jerp the computer, since he bought it for me). Then, 2 days ago, he did the same thing... watched a movie with me and shared a pizza (this time telling me he doesn't hate me and that he just stays in his room because "that's just him").

I have 3 more days before I'm supposed to leave. He's said nothing about reconciliation. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I should say something to him or just leave with my tail between my legs?

I've already apoligized and expressed my love for him and desire to work through it. That was 2 weeks ago.

I'm extremely bothered by losing him forever. But have kept myself busy with exercise and movies, etc. Giving him space. Now what? PLEASE advise.
How to get him back before I have to move out (3 days!)?
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