Was it the right thing to break up with my boyfriend?

I had made a plan for a Saturday for my boyfriend and I to go to nyc. A few days later. His boss called him about my boyfriend needing to work that Saturday. We postponed our nyc thing for the next Saturday.

Then on a Monday, I was using his phone to text my mom when his grandma texted about him having to come down to nyc that Saturday we postponed our day. She wanted him to stay for the weekend. He had agreed. I didn't ask him about those texts, so left it be.

He doesn't tell me anything about the plan the entire week. He goes to work on Saturday. We end up getting into a fight that night over something he started.

Didn't talk for a few days. We started talking again yesterday and he promised he would change and be better at communicating. He now tells me how he is going to nyc for the entire weekend to stay with his grandmother. He doesn't invite me on his own. I ended up inviting myself. But I didn't want to go to nyc for the weekend to be at his grandmother's house. And he never asked me if this was what I wanted. I asked what about our day in nyc plan. He said it could be postponed for next week. I didn't like this. We argued. I pointed him out being a liar and he is a jerk. He now tells me that he had planned for me to go with him to his grandmother and kill two birds with one stone. He never mentioned any of that; tells me that during our argument. Never mentioned change of plans. He tells me to go pick up my stuff, because he was tired of helping me. I decided to end it because I was tired of his bs, his lies and how he continuously doesn't make me important. Was it justified?
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I also wanted to note that he promised that he would change
Was it the right thing to break up with my boyfriend?
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