How can I get my ex boyfriend to leave me alone?

He broke up with my 4 months ago but he literally won't leave me alone.
He keeps making fake accounts on Instagram to follow me and talk to me and he puts so much energy into it he made a fake instagram account and gained 300+ followers so I thought it was a real person and he would message me on there pretending to be someone else but I later found out it was him with a fake account, he gets his friends to follow me and message me on my social media accounts and it's really getting annoying
Is there anyway that I can get him to leave me alone?


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  • Immediately block and delete him every time he makes his lame account. by the way wtf, dude needs to get a life lmao who has time to stalk their ex via tons of different accounts

  • Kill him.

    • Homicide is definitely not the answer. Lol

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    • lol, remind me to never consult you for love life help ;P

    • @CoconutDrums k

  • Block his fake accounts and if you're not friends with his friends then block them too


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