How to approach husband with wanting to get a divorce?

i have told him before that iw anted a divorce everytime he gets mad and asks why i tell him it was a mistake im too young. He doesn't accept that answer and stays angry begs me to stay i stay but i actually dont want to stay. Before he said if i really want a divorce go get the paperwork and he will sign but i camt get the paperwork from the military lawyers because he has allready been to them. They represented him on his last divorce and i dont want to pay so much money that i dont have over something so simple.


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  • being young is no excuse to divorce someone.


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  • Well, divorce costs money and a lot of it so you don't have much of a choice in that. Tell him you want a divorce, let him throw his little fit, and then move out. Do you have a job?

    • Im in the military and if we do uncontested and go through them they do the paperwork for free he signs i pay court cost of 200 and thats it we dint gonin front of a judg the problem is i need him to go because this particular military lawyer for this post has already represented him before so they can't represent me and start paperwork

    • Do you have to use a lawyer from the military?

    • Yes i can't afford a lawyer especially if he is going to out up a fight they charge at least 1500 plus for a contested divorce

  • Sad... you should of not even be married to him in the first place. But i understand you were still young and blinded in love, with no one giving you advices to open your mind. Telling you marriage is serious and isn't like a bf/gf thing. Anyways, just go file paperworks someplace else yourself, im sure there is another way. Or talk to those people and ask them for help, how you can manage the payment with not enough money, how he can get another divorce file, etc.


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