Why would he ask me if I think we would still be friends?

He kept asking me if we both got into relationships and fell in love would we still be friends. I told him probably not because it wouldn't be fair to the other person. Then he said, well we could still continue this friend thing. But we don't have a normal friendship sometimes we sexy and also sent naughty pictures and videos to each other.


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  • He's only wanting to keep you around as a backup plan till he finds someone else


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  • My last boyfriend and I started off as a friends with benefits type ordeal and it somehow became a full on relationship. It fell apart half a year later. After we broke up and try to be friends sex always manages to pop up and it just seems to be the basis of our whole relationship. Long story short if he just wants to be "friends" and sex is always in the conversation it's usually just for that. He wants a friends with benefits basically


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