Is the relationship over for good or can it be rekindled in the future when the time is right?

It’s been around three months since my boyfriend and I broke up. We broke up over small things. Nobody cheated or lied. We were in very weird positions in our lives and we both admitted that we shouldn’t be in a serious relationship. As of right now we aren’t friends or talking at all. The weird thing is that I still think about him, but not like what I used to. When I think of him moving on and being with a different girl it doesn’t bother me at all. I just think of our good times and his positive effects on me, despite the fact that he's a little bitter about it all. The thing is I just can’t shake the feeling that one of these days or in the distant future we will bump into each other and rekindle when the time is right. I do not have high hopes or secretly wishing it, but it’s a very weird feeling in my gut. Is this normal? Can anyone else relate?


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  • I think it depends on the reason for the breakup. If circumstances drove them apart , or their situation didn't permit them to be together.. then in time, it's possible for them to find their way back to each other

    I've known people to break up , get back together and live a happy life. Their relationship became stronger than ever before. So it's possible if the feeling is mutual , and they still both want the same thing


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  • Frankly, I can't tell you if the relationship is over or not. Really you both must decide that. Just realize that you've broken up once and things are different now.

    It's normal to feel weird after a breakup, no matter how much time has passed.


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