I fell for an emotionally unavailable guy, big mistake?

I have posted about my issues on here and although I got tons of hate on how I handled the situation I finally got the truth. These last couple of days have been hard for me. Though he is 1000s of miles away, I am deeply hurting from his rejection. It has been 2 days since the dreaded "lets be friends w/possibility of dating" and I have a gut feeling that he isn't going to reach out to me at all, this is a very hard pill to swallow. I feel as though I may have ruined our chances by pestering him for the truth and telling him I would date others, but at the same time I feel like he wouldn't have told me the truth about anything if I hadn't pressured him. That would mean that he would be leaving me out in the cold to stress and worry, this prob would have lasted another month or so. I am brave enough to admit that I have shed tears over him.

Although he wasn't thrilled about me dating others and I told him I wouldn't, I'm gonna start dating guys in my area, I don't think he cares for me at all. I was excited by new adventures, a new love and a chance at happiness w/another guy. I know this is a phase as I went through it w/my ex, longer though. I'm glad this guy told me what was going on, but he did it in such a way that made it a lot easier for himself and very painful for me. The thing that sucks the most was being teased, taking a plunge (a LDR) w/someone who promised to show me the way. I'm not opposed to LDR, as the distance wasn't an issue for me, his distance and coldness was the root of all of it. If he really cared for me he would have done anything for me and would have given me the chance instead of using the sins of exes against me. I want to find a man who loves me and is willing to risk to be w/me. How can I make the healing process a teeny weeny bit faster? I haven't hung out w/people because I know I will dwell on him and I just need a week or two for myself. Thoughts? Why is he so selfish and expect me to wait, yet doesn't even contact me for days?


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  • I'm so sorry I know ur pain all I can offer is cyber hugs... and all I'd say is take ur time unrequited love hurts more than a breakup.. others drags out. But time do heal all wounds luv and you and me we'll be OK eventually.


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  • I feel like part of the healing process, is to actually allow yourself to be sad about the situation. Its ok to feel this way, because when you like someone, you allow your heart to be connected to them. He's an asshole for being so cold and indifferent towards you, and you deserve someone that gives you so much more. Yes, you like this guy, and it seems like you won't meet someone that gives the same butterflies and feelings this guy does, and that's ok for now. But before you know it, out of the blue, you WILL meet someone that makes you feel so much more.


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