When a girl is upset and breaks up all of a sudden when things were good early on what should you do if you want to try and reconcile soon?

Just curious got dumped yesterday after a pregnancy scare and her believing I won't quit weed and that I think she's fat when I don't I made a stupid comment that she was bigger than I expected when I met her one night when she asked about how she looked different.
  • Apologize within 48 hours
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  • Wait a week and call them
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  • Bang hoes and celibrate
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  • Cry your heart out
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  • Give up and sell your soul to the dark lord V
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I sent 3 messages after the break up call and 3 six hours later. Today I waited like 18 hours and sent a 3 paragraph apology but I'm not sure if she blocked my # or read it
Been dating 6 weeks she lives an hour away. I'd rather know then just be wondering if she's pregnant or seen my message. The ones you love and care about hurt you the most in this world


Most Helpful Girl

  • I wouldn't recommend ever trying to win her back or 'reconcile'. You realize that if a pregnancy scare and something as petty as you possibly never being able to quit smoking weed was reason enough for her to break up with you, that was probably just the straw that broke the camel's back and she's been checked out of the relationship for a while now.

    • Not at all earlier that day she was like " Thinking of you, miss you babe 😊😘😜

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    • I didn't know how to unblock a # on a Samsung before personally lol. Yeah just hurry up and wait I guess. If by next week I'm blocking all her shit and my family doesn't know what she looks like anyway they never met her

    • .. that's what google is for though haha. But yeah, forreal, treat this as done and over. It'll be easier in the longrun. :/

Most Helpful Guy

  • Stop trying to chase her after u got dumped... Do yourself a favor and start talking to other girls and try to improve yourself to the best you can possibly be and eventually she will contact you again. Just back off and dont contact her again until she contacts you and when she does (which she will) do yourself another favor and dont do what you did to get her to break up with you ever again... Best wishes

    • Also try to reasson with her about that smoking weed thing she is being controlling... I thought u were supposed to love someone to the point where they can be free not hey stop that or we are breaking up tf is that shit

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    • Also witnessed someone die and didn't get my paycheck the day before... thanks man I gotta distract myself

    • U got this i have no doubt in that

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  • This is just obsession. You blew it, because you couldn't watch your mouth. She made up her mind, and she is not interested in you anymore. Leave her alone. What's done is done. When she left, she left for a very good reason. You have the choice to change or be doing what your doing now. Whatever happened then, it doesn't matter now.


What Guys Said 4

  • 7 messages (one of 3 paragraphs) within 24 hours is a bit intense. Especially if you have only been dating 6 weeks.

    Makes you come across as a bit desperate :-(

    You made a very small mistake with what you said, nothing major, a pregnancy scare is never fun but to run after that is a sign that she isn't ready for sex. Or needs to try / understand better protection to feel safer.

    Overall relax and give her some space, if she comes back to you and wants to talk cool, but don't be intense or needy as you either make her run away or you get her back for all the wrong reasons.

  • Bang hoes and celebrate. Never go back, it's always a mistake.

  • Eh just give up on her. Her loss

    • Pretty much lol She had a younger guy and with a high sex drive like hers and had to mess it up lol

  • Give up and sell your soul to the dark lord V


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