Why would a guy do that and say things like that?

Me and the guy I was seeing ended on a bad note. i went to console a girlfriend that called me crying. he said he was Fine with me staying the night with her. but later I text him and he started short texting. things like"OK"when I said Good Night. so I decided I would let him cool down. so I text the next day and I apologized if I did something wrong and I told him I missed sleeping next to him. still no response so bad eventually I asked him if he wanted me to get my things. i guess that got his attention. so later he picks me up and tells me I'm tripping and he doesn't care if or when I get my things. and he completely ignored me that night and then made sleep on the couch. so the next day I went for my job interview. when I said I was out. he asked me if I was walking. so later that day I got my stuff out of his van at his job. he said he had never had a girl show up at his job and was mad.(i didn't cause any scene) but now I heard through the grapevine he is talking down about my private parts and how he wouldn't bring me home to meet momma
. why did he do all that and now is talking trash about me?


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  • The simple answer is this, the guy you are dating is an a-hole he has been wanting to break up with you for a while and was just waiting for a reason, even the stupidest reason to do it

  • I have no idea


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