How long does he need to sort himself out?

My boyfriend broke up with me about two weeks ago, and on the night we broke up, he said he wants to get back together in the future, just not right now as he needs space and he's feeling really under pressure. he's starting a new job and I've recently been made homeless and am in the process of being rehoused so his pressure is justified. I've spoken to him a couple of times since the break up, and he has said 'give it time' and is always busy seeing friends and 'clearing his head'.

Our relationship was beginning to get quite serious. He began suggesting moving in together in the future, tavelling to new places together, and getting a dog in the future.

He also told me when we broke up that he saw one of his exes that put him through hell and mentally scared him (one time she cable tied him to his bed, took his phone and locked him in his room alone because he wanted to go to the pub), and that its sparked off a lot of supressed feelings.

I dont know when to start speaking to him properly and seeing if we can start again. How long? After he's started his new job and I've moved into my new place is my guess but I dont want to assume things.

How long does he need to sort himself out?
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