How to get over an ex? And how to leave him alone?

I'm making myself look pathetic and desperate just by being honest. I want him back and I'm telling him that. It seems like hooking up is better than nothing. I'm scared that I'll lose him even more if we do that though. I love him. I keep thinking that maybe I'm okay and then I start crying again. I keep starting random conversations with him. I feel like there's something I can say that will change his mind. I literally get angry at him for not wanting me back. I don't even know why we broke up... he says it's because he's stressed and has too much going on right now to focus on a relationship-the typical "it's not you, it's me" bs. It just makes me analyze myself. I keep thinking it's something about me. I've known since we broke up that I should leave him alone but I have no will power. He asked me to give him space today while the day before he was asking me to hangout. I'm just so scared that he'll meet someone else or that he's never going to speak to me again. The hardest part is that he won't say we're done. He says he has things he needs to think about, or he'll say he still loves me, I so badly want to believe that he's going to change his mind. He has a few times and then he'll just change it back. Please tell me how to distract myself so that I'm not always wondering what he's up to or if he's with another girl. Guys like me. I could easily start seeing someone else or get rebound sex but I don't want to. I just want him back


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  • I agree I feel there's something I can say to get her back but she said " I'm done with you" to me and we never had any problems till two days ago a pregnancy scare happened and she refused to take plan b and has ignored me since then two days ago. I hope she is not pregnant cause I will resent her bavior towards me, I sent an apology yesterday via text and today via Facebook ( exactly the same) no response to either. She's 8 years older too

    • Time, drugs, exercise, talking, sleep, new friends, vacation...

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  • I know EXACTLY how you feel. boyfriend went all “I don’t know what I want” on me and said he lost his feelings etc but was hoping to snap out of it. I think he was just stressed due to job issues blablah, and that isn’t me in denial, he just kept saying he didn’t know. I am not sure if he just was wimping out on breaking up properly or what. Anyway, been ignored for weeks now. I chased a lot, then I have left him alone for weeks too, then I messaged last weekend and got nothing back. Today should be our 5 year anniversary. I feel so ignored and rubbish about myself, its horrible. Everyone just keeps telling me to move on but it’s only been a month or so, its hard! It’s not like I had any closure.
    The hurt he has caused me is slowly turning into anger now because my feelings have been completely ignored.

    • I can totally relate to your situation

    • @Nomad69 it's such a tough thing to deal with as it's a weird way to end things after five years. Hurts he doesn't even seem to care after all this time and I can be forgotten just like that. I always hope he will come to knock on the front door but I am realising he won't now. Xx

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