Is this meet up with ex worth pursuing?

My ex and I split 3 months ago but saw each other until about a month and a half ago.

We've been in very limited contact since after I did a lot of wrong things that destroyed our current relationship. I've since worked on myself and tried my hardest to get back to where I was.

My ex and I spoke this week and agreed to meet next month but she said she wasn't jumping back into a relationship with me when we meet. I told her our old relationship is dead and that our future had to be new and fresh, and she said she knew that.

I dont want to be friends with her but I have said I wanted to reconcile and work together to rebuild a relationship together, which she said she understood. So far she hasn't said she didn't want that and hasn't said we don't have a future.

Is this meeting worth it? I'm willing to take things slow. I don't expect to get back together after one meeting. But I also don't want to drag this out if she never wants to date again.
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She also seemed very interested in my progress over the last few months. She keeps asking what all I have changed. If that helps anyone help me determine what she's thinking
Is this meet up with ex worth pursuing?
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